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Technology Services Support Policy

Sharp Peak Consulting Limited’s Help Desk (“Help Desk’) aim to support our customers by providing tools and systems to allow secure access to our cloud-based services, including but not limited to, building and workplace dashboards, IoT edge devices, people occupancy sensors, VPN services, custom Web Apps, PlaceOS applications and Microsoft 365. 

We aim to provide support for our services on multiple operating systems: Windows (10 or above), macOS (Version 11 or above), and iOS (14 or above). 

We provide support for the use of our services on the following: 

  • Managed desktop (including PCs, laptops and virtual machines) under our managed services 

  • Personally or client-owned devices 


Help Desk provide the following support for the devices listed above: 

  • Connection to the above services over the internet 

  • Installation and day to day support for software and services obtained through us  


Please note that the following terms apply to all support requests: 

  • Remote support will be provided by TeamViewer or the prevalent remote tool with the permission of the customer. 

  • We cannot provide support for hardware, software or services not obtained through us or not covered by a managed services agreement 

  • Help Desk support staff will respond to support requests by phone, email, or in person (at client’s sites). Visits to your place of work will be arranged only as necessary and at the full discretion of Help Desk staff. Support does not include home visits. 

  • Help Desk support staff will only provide support for personally owned devices provided that they are covered by a valid warranty from the respective manufacturer. 

  • Support for personally owned devices will not normally exceed 45 minutes per incident. After this time, we may advise you to use an external third-party service. 

  • We will endeavour to resolve your issue, in line with our stated policy, but cannot guarantee that all issues will be resolved. 

  • By using our support services, you agree to the IT Support Disclaimer below. 

IT Support Disclaimer 

By accepting these terms and conditions you give authorisation for our Help Desk staff to access your device in order to investigate and assist with your request. In the context of this policy, “device” refers to all parts of the computer/mobile device (and any peripherals attached to it) as well as to the data, operating system, and other software installed on it. Owner refers to the person who accepts the terms and conditions. 

Data and system 

We cannot be held responsible for damage or loss of data or functionality of the equipment. Whilst care will be taken to reduce this possibility, we strongly advise the owner to regularly backup all data and system files. In particular, perform a backup before asking for assistance. 

Loss and accidental damage 

Whilst every reasonable effort will be made not to lose or further physically damage your device, our maximum liability in these circumstances is limited to a replacement device of equal financial value estimated at the time of loss or damage. 

Password protection 

Password protection 

The owner may find it necessary to disclose the device password(s) to Help Desk staff in order to allow access to the device. If this is the case, owners should then safeguard themselves by changing the password when they get their equipment. 


We will not be able to recover program files, and for legal reasons cannot install software without having the original installation disks and proof of a licence, provided by the owner or the client. 

Data confidentiality 

IT Services staff will only access such data as is required to investigate and assist with your issue. Your confidentiality will be maintained. However, if Information staff identify any evidence of illegal activity we will report this as required to the relevant authorities. 

Data Recovery 

We are not data recovery experts and we cannot recover any lost or damaged data. They will be handled by a third party service provider.  

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