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About Us

The Team


Our story began in 2018 when our founders saw the opportunity to bridge the gap between the "legacy" building elements and the "commonplace" user experience one expected would work at work.

In 2018, we completed our first digital workplace project to our first global customer, enabling thousands of their employees to interact with their workplace technologies and resources on their mobile devices.

Soon, many transformative projects followed for global banks, asset managers, regional conglomerates, and universities.

Today, we have built a substantial partnership alliance with our strategic partners and suppliers, offering us the best environmental sensors, people counters, machine learning algorithms, display hardware, and cloud computing platforms under our portfolio.

With the lessons learned and, admittedly, mistakes made since inception, in 2021 we have decided to take the business further by transforming ourselves into a platform that can scale up across the workplace technologies matrix. 

If you are interested to know more about our future roadmaps and products, talk to us today.

What services do we provide?

At the core, we offer custom platforms for building owners, corporate real estate departments, university campuses, and property managers to monitor space analytics, integrate with building services, enhance employee productivity, and make their ROIs look good.

After we have designed and implemented them, we manage them 24x7.

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