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Our tremendous growth in the past 3 years has now enabled us to invest further in our workplace technologies business

Growth. Focus.

Technologies at Work 

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We are a team of software developers, audio-visual experts, infrastructure architects, and workplace consultants who share the same relentless passion to create a revolutionary platform that connects workplace technologies and Internet-of-Things.

Working closely with our strategic partners who offer the best sensors, data analytics, machine learning algorithms, and computing platforms, we bridge the gap between a seamless user experience and the underlying IoT sensors and legacy building hardware. 

It is Technologies at Work.

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Transformation in progress

Invention never stops

At present, we are investing intensively in our people and partners as we transform our business in 2021 to better serve our customers with more innovative products to come.

Our Vision

“At present, this is a niche market. But soon we will bring this to the mass market because I see our next arena of employee engagement and productivity bolster lie in the health and wellness of people at work. Technologies should be there to drive the transformations."

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